2016 Race Schedule

4/1: Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon (Springfield, IL): 1:30:33* – 34/1533
*coming off injury
5/1: Black Diamond Long Course Duathlon: 2:31:19 – 23/99
6/4: Lake Wilderness Sprint Triathlon: 1:14:48 – 5/186
6/12: Ironman 70.3 Victoria: 5:00:23** – 270/1439
**shortened swim to 1500m
6/18: Lake Meridian #1 Olympic Triathlon: 2:25:22 – 22/148
7/15 – 7/16: Ragnar NW Passage – Team Green Streaks: 21:16:15 – 2nd overall
8/13: Lake Meridian #2 Olympic Triathlon: 2:23:20 – 14/211
9/3: Plutonium Man Olympic Triathlon: 2:22:18 – 12/102
9/18: North Shore Sprint Triathlon (Wilmette, IL): 1:08:06 – 18/313

The midwest finally received a decent snow on Thursday, with Madison receiving about 5 inches of the fluffy stuff.  This was great as we can finally start ski joring on snow (as opposed to the training).  Overall I'd say it went pretty well.  He seems to love running in the snow and doesn't seem to mind dragging some extra weight behind him.  Only once did he pull me to the side and make me fall :)  I think skijoring is definitely going to be part of our winters!



More pictures after the jump...


A beautiful winter afternoon


Through the woods

Come around (ie - your leash is tangled come back to me so I can fix it)

Getting some speed!

Fun in the snow

Back at home, tired dog!