Mileage Run

What is a mileage run?  My definition is when you intentionally travel out of your way for the sole purpose of earning more airline miles (or segments) for the purpose of obtaining airline rewards, whether it be frequent flier status or frequent flier miles.  Most people think this concept is extremely counter-intuitive, why would anyone want to extend the flying experience?  However, if you frequent a travel forum, such as Flyertalk, they have an entire forum topic devoted to mileage runs (or MRs for short) where they are discussed and celebrated. 

Well, as December 2011 rolled around, I realized I was going to be one segment (a takeoff and landing) short to qualify for Silver status on Delta.  Delta is a sour subject for me given that I've qualified for American Airlines Executive Platinum status (100,000 miles or 100 segments per year) for the past FIVE years, and here I am ending up with 29 segments, one short of their lowest status-tier.  Something had to be done.

 The shortest distance between two points - is going out of your way though Memphis
The shortest distance between two points is ... through Memphis?

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Hiking at Devil's Lake

This winter in Madison has been a bit weird - it's been cold but no snow, when it does precipitate we've had a warm spell so it only rained.  The median freeze date for Lake Monona (our closest lake) is December 15, but that doesn't look likely.  So no snow, no freezing lakes, this winter has been below-satisfactory so far.  

With a mild day (high 30's and sunny) planned for Sunday, we decided to head up to Devil's Lake State Park for some hiking.  DLSP, about 45 minutes north of Madison, is a super-popular summer location for many from Wisconsin and Illinois (or FIBs, if you prefer), but it clears out considerably once the cold arrives. 

Balanced Rock trail 
Hiking up the Balanced Rock Trail, roughly 400 foot vertical over many uneven rock stairs - the dog loved it

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Winter Bike Training

Is there anything more boring than running on a treadmill?  How about riding your bike indoors?  If that's not more boring it's at least on-par.  I think I may have found a solution.

Indoor training 
Indoor training. 

Bike trainer + college basketball.  Here is my strategy:

  • During the gameplay, ride at steady-state, IE a comfortable pace
  • During commercials kick it up a notch and attack
I find the relative randomness of commercials make for a great way to break things up, kind of like encountering a small hill on the ride.  As for halftime, I just switch over to another game and undertake the same strategy.
It's a great way to combine something enjoyable with something monotonous and boring.  Let's see how long this lasts...
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Skijor Training

The first accumulating snowfall has arriving in Minneapolis, and I was in town this weekend to experience it.  One of the things we wanted to do this winter was teach our dog to skijor.  The thought was 1) He's a Husky-mix, so I'm guessing he will enjoying pulling 2) He has a TON of energy 3) We like to cross country ski.

Prior to this weekend we purchased a skijoring setup for him:

First thing this morning we went to the Minneapolis airport dog park early morning:

Sammy loves the snow

Next, we found a semi-secluded area and put the harness on.  No cross-country skis involved yet:

I was trying not to hold too-high of expectations for this first go-round.  We ran around the park for a bit, he did a pretty good job at following the path and staying on-task.  Now it's time to teach him some other commands: "come around", "line-out":


In the end, he had a great day.  Here is the result:


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