Whoops, deleted some stuff

Well, I did something rather dumb in IT-land.  

Back in January I published a redesign of this site and posted a few articles this year - including a race report on the Half Ironman triathlon in Victoria BC and a trip report on a recent visit to Hong Kong and Vietnam. 

The server that I was running was having some challenges, the site was generally "down".  Just like in the "IT Crowd", I tried turning it off and on again to no avail, so I decided another option to "terminate" an Amazon EC2 instance.  Big mistake - anyone who has worked with Amazon's Cloud services is probably sucking in their teeth right now ... it means that I lose the instance AND all the data ... and I had not recently backed it up.


I was just thinking how I should really back up the site data.  Well, I guess I learned my lesson the hard way.  I have the redesign code somewhere on one of my computers so with a little bit of heads-down activity I'm sure I'll be able to restore it.  I have an offline version of the the Hong Kong/Vietnam trip report but I think I've lost the Victoria race report (and unfortunately Google has not cached it).  So for now, I guess back to the old site!