Fall Races and the Transition to Ski Season

So it's been a few months since Ironman Canada and things have stayed fairly busy. I was worried about "Post Ironman" depression, where people often feel a letdown shortly after completing their Ironman (or any other major race for that matter). Well, I happened to see a few different articles in triathlete magazines/articles/etc so I was prepared, plus I was getting excited for the next season - fall running races!

First up, the Aluminum Man Olympic Triathlon in The Dalles, Oregon.  Nothing too much of note, except that I was able to out-sprint another person in my age group to earn the 3rd place age group medal :)

Next up, the Indian Summer Half 5k.  Having not run a standalone 5k since April (21:30), I was excited to see how much speed I've gained over the summer.  Turns out, quite a bit - I ran a 19:21, a new personal record by far and 4th place overall.  Three weeks later I ran my first every stand-alone 10k and it went really, really well.  After running in 4th place most of the race, I passed 3rd place with about 1 mile to go, and then entered a sprint finish with 2nd place, coming out ahead of him by a few seconds to earn my first ever top-2 placement with a time of 39:03 (6:18/mile pace).  I was only hoping to break 40 minutes, so I was really really pleased.  Another 5k one-quarter of a marathon as part of a relay team, and soon enough it's November and snow is starting to fall!

Second place overall in the BLS Fall Fest 10k!

Tri Cities Marathon team "MEJA" - first place in the Co-Ed division

A year ago, the wife and I headed to White Pass for some early-season ski touring before the resort opened. Well, we did the same again this year, but brought the dogs up top with us.  As we went earlier, the snow was a little shallower than last year so we had to use care, but it was still a blast. Hoping that this is the start of an excellent ski season.

At the base of White Pass, WA

Hiking up. The wife used snowshoes, I used my skis

At the top

Some really soft snow up top

Skiing down, dog chasing after me

A great time, looking forward to a great season!