Fiasco in Pasco Road Bike Duathlon

In preparation for Ironman Canada, I've got a relatively full season of multi-sport racing this summer.  A few weeks back I participated in the Rage in the Sage Mountain Bike Duathlon, where I finished 46th out of 125.  It was a tough race and I determined that 

  1. My run is really coming along
  2. I kind of suck at mountain biking
OK, no big deal, most triathlons are on road bikes anyways.  Today, I had the Fiasco in Pasco Road Bike Duathlon, a 5k (3.1mi) cross-country run, followed by a 30k (18.6mi) road bike, followed by that same 5k cross-country run. I also had an added bonus of a couple of friends along that took pictures!


I've been on the road for work the past two weeks, which normally I would say would be poor preparation, but I had been getting eight+ hours of sleep with relatively light workouts.  Almost like a taper?  We arrived at the race about an hour early, just enough time to pick up the packet, set up transition, do a warmup ride and some warmup runs.  

Setting up transition 

All set to go!

The Race

The first run started off pretty well.  My only real parameters from my coach was to keep the HR underneath 172 (my lactate threshold).  This is a cross-country course, which is all dirt/gravel/grass - anything but fully solid ground.  It's also very hilly.  The hills were getting to my legs a bit, so I kept it steady around 165 HR most of the way, finishing the first 5k run in  23:37, which is actually my 2nd best 5k time.

Getting on the bike, I was feeling pretty good.  This is my first competition on my time trial bike, and I think it's making a big difference.  It was decently windy today, any time going into the wind I was loving my aero bars, playing leapfrog several times with a few riders depending on slope and direction. After mile 6 I kick it up a notch, and then by mile 10-11 I'm feeling some fatigue in my legs.  I power through the rest of the ride, finishing in 58:17, for an average speed of 19.1mph.  I was kinda hoping for 20mph, but gotta start somewhere.  

oming out of T2

After transitioning to the run (where I had trouble remembering where I racked my bike!), holy cow it was hot.  It had gotten into the upper 80s with some unseasonable humidity.  Slogging along the uneven terrain and hills, the water station at mile 2 had never been so appreciated.

IMG_2342Surviving the Second Run

Maybe it was the water or the fact that it was almost over, but my running form improved.  My stride rate quickened and I was more relaxed and my pace picked up a bit to finish strong.  I completed the second 5k run in 26:02 at a pace of 8:24/mi.  


My total time was 1 hr, 50 minutes flat.  I finished 38th of 98 overall, and 3rd in my age group - the first time I've ever placed!  What's funny is that I'm in the Male 25-29 year-old age group, I turn 30 this coming Wednesday - and had I been in the 30-34 age group I would have only been sixth in the group!  My last race as a 29-year old - looks like I made it count!

With my third-place prize - a pint glass from White Bluffs Brewing!

Me with team "Danger Zone"

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