Ironman Canada Signup! (Plus a new 5k PR)

Swim 2.4 miles, Bike 112 miles, then run 26.2 miles - within 17 hours.  Sounds simple enough, eh?

That's what I'm telling myself :) 

I recently signed up for Ironman Canada, held in Whistler, BC on August 25, 2013.  I plan on taking some time off work to devote more time to training for this event.  The most common question I hear is "WHY?!?!".  I think each person has their own reasons, here are some of mine:

  • Last season I started getting into triathlons and I really loved it.  I enjoy the race planning, the transition setup, the multiple sports aspect (swimming is my weak sport), the timing, and the competition.  I feel Ironman is the "pinnacle" of the sport, and completing one seems to be an unofficial goal of most triathletes.
  • Training is actually kind of enjoyable.  When I was just cycling or just running, the training became rather monotonous - it is difficult to do the same thing over and over again.  With the three sports, it's harder to get bored because you are always training
  • Performance - my running performance has really improved over the last seven months.  My last half marathon in February was 1 hr, 47 min, nearly 14 minutes better than my previous one back in 2006
  • Coaching - My tri coach has really helped with the performance and training.  I know that I can be well-prepared for this
  • Philosophical - when we used to live in Madison, Ironman Wisconsin was held there every year, and I used to think I could NEVER, EVER complete an Ironman - it was downright impossible for me to do.  This past year has been around accomplishing things, from participating in my first triathlons even though I was a HORRIBLE swimmer, to launching, and now to tackle a full Ironman at the end of this summer.  

So, hopefully come August 25, 2013 ... I will be saying "I AM AN IRONMAN"

Oh, and I did a 5k this weekend, 21:30 - a new personal best by 2 min, 30 seconds.  Not bad for pretty much zero race prep or taper (and semi-heavy drinking two nights prior).

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