Skiing on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe

Last week work brought me to the city of San Francisco.  My good buddy Jim moved to Berkeley area in the Fall of last year, so I took the opportunity and headed up to Lake Tahoe with him.  Tahoe is an interesting place, it tends to either be very sunny or very snowy, and seems like it is rarely between those extremes!  My new project, WhereShouldISki said it would be sunny, and it was right!

We started off Friday with a trip to Mt Rose, NV; I was intrigued by the famed chutes.  They were definitely a fun challenge, I would be glad to go back. 

Heading over to NV

The Chutes

Mt Rose Ski Area 

After a backcountry route recommendation by Mike at the BackCountry store in Truckee, we decided to head towards Rose Knob Peak near Incline Village, NV.  Saturday morning we started skinning (like hiking) up towards Rose Knob Peak.  We were treated to spectacular weather and even better views.  


Getting started in the morning

Taking a break for lunch

Amazing views from the top of Rose Knob Peak


A great day out 

The snow itself didn’t ski particularly well on the way down, it was a bit sun-crusted and extremely variable.  That’s what happens sometimes in the backcountry though, it’s not all about the way down, it’s about spending time in the mountains with friends!  Looking forward to heading back!

Skiing down

Flying out, Heavenly Ski Area from the plane


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