Gloomy Sunday Bike Ride

I purchased a new bike a few weeks ago but I hadn't been on it in a little over a week.  The weather was ... OK, about 45 degrees out.  What happened to our 70+ degree weather?!  Anyways, Madison is really a great place to road bike (when there's not snow on the ground) because 

1) There are a lot of bikers around, so drivers are generally tolerable of it
2) There are a number of rural roads not too far away with some nice scenery (and hills!)
3) There is a lot of dairy (it is Wisconsin!) and there are laws that state the rural roads need to be smooth so as to not rattle the milk bottles. 

A couple of photos from the trip:

OK, I'll keep it under 40 ;) 

View from the cockpit

Some nice farmland scenery

Riding along


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