Mileage Run

What is a mileage run?  My definition is when you intentionally travel out of your way for the sole purpose of earning more airline miles (or segments) for the purpose of obtaining airline rewards, whether it be frequent flier status or frequent flier miles.  Most people think this concept is extremely counter-intuitive, why would anyone want to extend the flying experience?  However, if you frequent a travel forum, such as Flyertalk, they have an entire forum topic devoted to mileage runs (or MRs for short) where they are discussed and celebrated. 

Well, as December 2011 rolled around, I realized I was going to be one segment (a takeoff and landing) short to qualify for Silver status on Delta.  Delta is a sour subject for me given that I've qualified for American Airlines Executive Platinum status (100,000 miles or 100 segments per year) for the past FIVE years, and here I am ending up with 29 segments, one short of their lowest status-tier.  Something had to be done.

 The shortest distance between two points - is going out of your way though Memphis
The shortest distance between two points is ... through Memphis?

I made life harder on myself, I decided to get that extra segment somehow, so I turned my regular Madison-Minneapolis commute into a mileage run by flying from Milwaukee on a Sunday and going Milwaukee-Memphis-St Louis-Minneapolis. Here is how the day went:

A clear day, I picked a good day to fly

Mke sky club
In the Milwaukee Delta Sky Club, before flight 1 of the day 

Memphis, they do love Elvis

Mem sky club
On to the Memphis Sky Club for a complimentary adult beverage

Tennessee BBQ, wasn't bad!

St Louis airport, almost there!

So I did make it.  A 1 hour flight was turned into 7.5 hours of travel between airports.  Two days later I am greeted to this in my e-mail:

I hope it's worth it!

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