Hiking at Devil's Lake

This winter in Madison has been a bit weird - it's been cold but no snow, when it does precipitate we've had a warm spell so it only rained.  The median freeze date for Lake Monona (our closest lake) is December 15, but that doesn't look likely.  So no snow, no freezing lakes, this winter has been below-satisfactory so far.  

With a mild day (high 30's and sunny) planned for Sunday, we decided to head up to Devil's Lake State Park for some hiking.  DLSP, about 45 minutes north of Madison, is a super-popular summer location for many from Wisconsin and Illinois (or FIBs, if you prefer), but it clears out considerably once the cold arrives. 

Balanced Rock trail 
Hiking up the Balanced Rock Trail, roughly 400 foot vertical over many uneven rock stairs - the dog loved it


A not-so-busy day

Devil's Lake, looking Northwest

Devils lake 
Circling back around the lake

What is this?  It's ice but it's sinking on me!

On devils lake 
A more-frozen section on Devil's Lake

Overall, it was a pretty fun afternoon.  If there is no snow on the ground, I'm OK with days like this.

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